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Let Me Game in Peace
Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 926 – Teleportation Mistake? bizarre screw
Thrive! Boom!
And at the base from the pool area, there were numerous crystals, just like these folks were established collectively.
Zhou Wen eagerly rushed to the peak of your volcano. He wished for to ascertain if there had been the tower mentioned by The Thearch near by.
I never envisioned this thing to get so useful. Having said that, my human visual appearance is merely too eyeball-capturing. I have got to come up with an easy method.
Zhou Wen went with all of his might prior to escaping the region protected by lightning. Anywhere the lightning pa.s.sed, the nearby dimensional critters just vanished.
Reddish colored centipedes with wings danced within the air as hundred-meter-extended serpents roared within the atmosphere. Multiple demons jogged amok on a lawn. The majority of these creatures had been beings Zhou Wen possessed never seen prior to, but there have been several he got observed prior to.
Zhou Wen recalled very clearly that this Thearch experienced told him that just after he teleported for the dimension, he would be to step towards a tower.
Zhou Wen hurriedly leaned with the jewel wall and viewed the violet liquid spew out. As well, a lot of crystal-like items were ejected.
While Zhou Wen wasn’t terrified of common Mythical beings, he didn’t determine if he could be aimed by an even more terrifying presence if he fought the flame qilin in this article.
I never anticipated it to always be so practical. Having said that, my individual visual appearance is actually too eyesight-capturing. I actually have to consider an easy method.
Once the crystal-like physical objects originated into experience of the air exterior, they immediately manufactured a distinctive chemical response. The crystal-like items rapidly modified and quickly converted into foxes. The foxes’ view suffused azure lightweight as they quite simply fell coming from the skies.
After the crystal-like stuff eventually left the liquefied and got into exposure to the air, they rapidly turned into diverse dimensional pests.
Zhou Wen happened to run with his might just before escaping the region covered by lightning. Anywhere the super pa.s.sed, the near by dimensional pets just vanished.
Zhou Wen idea of the pearl the Nine-Tailed Fox obtained offered him.
Super streaked over the black color fumes-loaded sky. The dimensional pets that have been struck through the super immediately vanished.
Let Me Game in Peace
In addition, Zhou Wen got never observed The Thearch talk about the void super.
Reddish centipedes with wings danced within the air flow as hundred-gauge-long serpents roared into the sky. Groups of demons went amok on the ground. Many of these pests were pests Zhou Wen obtained never viewed right before, but there had been several he experienced found prior to.
Nonetheless, regardless of how he looked over it, this location was somewhat completely different from the sizing The Thearch got stated.
A in the area fox did actually discover Zhou Wen. As he spotted it look over, Zhou Wen was alarmed.
It was a fluid swimming pool area that suffused blue colored lighting. Beyond your pool was actually a volcano-like ring-designed mountain.
Zhou Wen thought about the pearl the Nine-Tailed Fox possessed given him.
This… Can it be a space where dimensional creatures are given birth to?
He did not dare travel randomly to avoid being particular. He still didn’t know where he was, neither managed he know if there were any danger right here.
Boom! Boom!
Zhou Wen hurriedly leaned resistant to the stone retaining wall and seen the glowing blue liquid spew out. Concurrently, a huge number of crystal-like things were actually ejected.
He crawled away from the volcano. The fox demons close by possessed uncovered him, yet they possessed no aim of assaulting him. This comfortable Zhou Wen noticeably.
Holy sh*t, this area may even spew out Mythical critters!
Zhou Wen appreciated very clearly that The Thearch had told him that right after he teleported to the aspect, he ended up being to step towards a tower.
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