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Chapter 1036 – Cold-Faced Hades oranges end
Tang Zhizhong’s phrase was ashen. He experienced Yu Guang definitely wouldn’t allow Zhou Wen off immediately after what he explained. He would take him initial before selecting if he was remorseful or maybe not.
Tang Zhizhong was already just a little worried.
Equally as Tang Zhizhong was feeling alarmed, he noticed Yu Guang communicate from the top of this town gates.
Could this be actually the Frosty-dealt with Hades, Yu Guang?
It is in excess of, it’s around. It wasn’t easy for Chilly-encountered Hades to exhibit kindness and say some thing humane. Yet, this punk rock actually hopes to court dying!
The bureau’s bra.s.s were actually surprisingly unanimous. They definitely couldn’t enable Zhou Wen in.
Yu Guang also acquired another nickname, Chilly-presented Hades. With this nickname, you could inform which kind of person he usually was.
“This Mr. Zhou claimed that he could get the bureau to consider receipt for us,” Tang Zhizhong stated having a difficult expression when he pointed at Zhou Wen.
The world’s # 1 pa.s.s wasn’t an empty t.i.tle. Regardless how sturdy Zhou Wen was, it was unattainable for him to forcefully enter in Atmosphere Pa.s.s.
As for Shen Yuchi plus the bureau’s best bra.s.s who had been enjoying all the things over the security surveillance cameras, their expressions turned very peculiar.
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For Shen Yuchi as well as the bureau’s top rated bra.s.s who were viewing everything via the security camcorders, their expression changed very odd.
Tang Zhizhong’s concept was ashen. He believed Yu Guang definitely wouldn’t simply let Zhou Wen off after what he said. He would take him initially before determining if he was guilty or not.
Having said that, to his surprise, Yu Guang transformed even friendlier. His grin started to be all the more amiable. “The Exclusive Analysis Bureau is not a laws-enforcement firm. If you truly want to surrender on your own, make sure you navigate to the law enforcement station. On the other hand, I understand your identity. You happen to be good youth in addition to a upcoming pillar of the Federation. You’re not the type of person to make criminal activity. Do you deal with any troubles? Should you have any challenges, inform us. The Specific Analysis Bureau is really a ministry in the Federation. We now have the burden to fix the down sides for government citizens…”
Tang Zhizhong’s phrase was ashen. He believed Yu Guang definitely wouldn’t let Zhou Wen off just after what he was quoted saying. He would grab him initial before deciding on if he was guilty or maybe not.
Shen Yuchi naturally didn’t think a word of Zhou Wen’s claims of surrendering. Even so, Zhou Wen had already arrive at the bureau. Would he keep so quickly?
“Director-Common, Zhou Wen is w.a.n.g Mingyuan’s disciple. We must be suspicious!”
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A center-old mankind jumped right out of the pickup truck eagerly. While he happened to run to Tang Zhizhong, he expected loudly, “Old Tang, what’s the circumstance? Could be the bureau ready to have invoice of this batch of goods? When you gave the guidance, I supplied the items below immediately. How can we do the handover?”
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Shen Yuchi naturally didn’t are convinced a word of Zhou Wen’s statements of surrendering. Having said that, Zhou Wen got already arrive at the bureau. Would he leave behind so quickly?
“That’s proper. That Zhou Wen can’t enter Heavens Pa.s.s, so he’s wanting to use this kind of approach to sneak in. He definitely wishes to get rid of us. We definitely can’t let him in.”
Tang Zhizhong was already just a little reluctant.
“Director-Typical, you mustn’t simply let Zhou Wen in. This have to be his plan to overthrow our bureau,” a director immediately cautioned.
“He’s from the bureau?” Anyone checked out Zhou Wen. They found it incredible if they observed how youthful he was.
Is this truly the Frosty-encountered Hades, Yu Guang?
“That’s perfect. That Zhou Wen can’t key in Heavens Pa.s.s, so he’s trying to use this kind of technique to sneak in. He definitely hopes to wipe out us. We definitely can’t allow him to in.”
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The issue from the s.p.a.ce fits also had to check Yu Guang, only he was only liable for the final conclusion. There were clearly still lots of officials under him, so Tang Zhizhong experienced had no chance to personally examine this issue with Yu Guang.
“This Mr. Zhou said that he could acquire the bureau to adopt invoice for all of us,” Tang Zhizhong claimed by using a intricate phrase as he directed at Zhou Wen.
Zhou Wen was really a wanted offender in the bureau. Furthermore, he had a screw loose-fitting and wanted to surrender.
“Director-General, what should we all do?” Yu Guang whispered to Shen Yuchi from the communicator.
“Surrender?” Quite a few dilemma marks sprang out around Yu Guang’s top of your head.
Furthermore, Yu Guang was the head of the Typical Affairs Dept. All sorts of is important during the bureau wanted to go through him.
“No… No… He’s a illegal who would like to surrender…” When Tang Zhizhong spoke, his phrase started to be even stranger.
“This Mr. Zhou asserted that he is able to acquire the bureau for taking invoice for all of us,” Tang Zhizhong mentioned which has a difficult term as he directed at Zhou Wen.
These people were all praying they can will be paid for once the things were definitely recognised. They had to assist their loved ones.
It can be stated that Zhou Wen’s submit was graded one of several best within the Federation. It had been placed alongside Jing Daoxian, w.a.n.g Mingyuan, as well as some other folks. Also the Federation’s Senators’ data weren’t as private as Zhou Wen’s.
Just like Tang Zhizhong was sensing alarmed, he observed Yu Guang speak from the top of the town gateways.

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