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Chapter 1374 – You… are still Sixteen, right? soda glistening
Melody Shuhang questioned, “How can it be? Is not it interesting?”
Section 1374 You… continue to be Sixteen, right?
Track Shuhang: “…”
Track Shuhang responded, “Don’t stress. With Older White’s persona, even though he recognizes this kind of issue, he will be able to keep very quiet.”
She was completely unprepared just for this. Obtaining gotten this type of massive influence caused her to stutter.
Song Shuhang replied, “Don’t worry. With Senior citizen White’s personality, even if he sees this type of point, he can stay very tranquil.”
Track Shuhang mentioned, “Is it so simple as you getting turned into a dragon?”
Piece of music Shuhang reported, “Well, I never will have thought that that you were a princess on the dragon clan. Does your Character Stream Su Clan hold the bloodline of any dragon?”
After a while, the dragon style got to existence in their own vision. It transformed into a lifelike fantastic dragon that went to soar throughout the clouds. Then… colour with this golden dragon washed out bit by bit until it eventually turned into a beautiful white colored dragon.
Similar to Delicate Feather, she initial discovered the primary eight dragon behaviour. After that, Song Shuhang slowly migrated away the armour item that included the 9th dragon design.
Of course, he was not Mature Thrice Reckless. It was a variety of expertise in order to live just after searching for passing away, also it was really clear that he or she didn’t have this expertise.
Gentle Feather then questioned, “What about Sixteen? What happens if she’s unable to use it that nicely and eventually ends up planning to minimize men and women straight down?”
Exactly what the h.e.l.l managed 16 see?
“What have I see? Well… I noticed me personally.” Delicate Feather’s mental health strength fluctuated substantially. On the other hand, with it seeming like there was a lot more on the matter from how Song Shuhang was discussing, she calmed down a tad.
This effect… isn’t this the Impregnating Gaze’s impact?
Tune Shuhang stated, “It is able to represent [oneself]. It is for instance a match that may indicate the one who examines the dragon layout.” Just after proclaiming that, he suddenly paused.
On the other hand, as he was offering the dialog, he employed the ‘Impregnating Gaze’, and his fantastic central started to be pregnant following that?
At some point, the dragon pattern arrived at daily life in her view. It become a lifelike fantastic dragon that visited soar from the clouds. Then… the color of this fantastic dragon faded step by step until it eventually become a lovely bright white dragon.
Music Shuhang: “…”
Does this suggest the thing i imagine this means?
Soft Feather panicked, and claimed, “W-Well… Senior Song… I… I never determine what to mention, isn’t this proceeding too quickly… I’m not psychologically prepared yet…”
While my fat whale was extra fat right before, is not it too excess fat now? Its mid-section is a bit too large and too evident, it’s as if… it’s pregnant.
the elegant dancing years 61
Senior Tune possessed her coated as being the past dragon pattern on his great central?
Song Shuhang said, “Well, I never may have considered that you have been a princess of your dragon clan. Does your Mindset River Su Clan have the bloodline of any dragon?”
“Eh? Eeeeh?” Gentle Feather’s mental energy fluctuated violently.
Not to ever boast or everything, but this younger girl was very beautiful, and she was only as beautifully dressed.
Certainly, it was a unique believed.
Regardless, this has been simply silly.
Sixteen persisted to gaze with the ninth dragon pattern…
How could this be?
She obtained always noticed the relationships.h.i.+p between themselves and Elderly Tune was a standard ‘senior and junior’ relationships.h.i.+p.
Very soft Feather remarked, “It’s a pity. The one thing that may enter in the ocean of qi dantian to look at the style around the whale key is mental strength. If you could have it materialize as well as the entire celebration would be recorded, it will definitely be very worthwhile.”
Tender Feather saved a serious start looking as she patted Su Clan’s Sixteen gently, and said within a critical overall tone, “You should go take a look by yourself.”
The Impregnable Holy Town, the Holy Sword on the Ending, the Nine Virtues Phoenix, arizona Saber, the virtuous lamia + the Sage Close off, the Ancient Sacred Apes + Scholarly Scriptures, the Scholarly Sage’s eye, the interior Community Lotus, plus the excess fat whale established by 33 divine beasts.
Regardless, this was simply ridiculous.

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