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Versatile Mage

NovelVersatile MageVersatile Mage
Chapter 2383 – Kazuaki, the Red Demon challenge impossible

the inside story of the peace conference

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The Divine Martial Stars
Lu Kun was the reddish demon!
“You two should respond ordinary so Lu Kun doesn’t recognize a single thing. No, hang on, you must incorporate me.. Lu Kun seems to have some weird ability to anticipate points!” Mo Lover recalled how Lu Kun possessed interfered together with his top secret achieving with Mochizuki Chihaya.
Interpreted by XephiZ
That they had learned another necessary clue. The red-colored demon experienced the capability to adjust its appearance!
They had learned another necessary idea. The crimson demon had the cabability to change its visual appeal!
“Sure! I’ll do anything you say!” Lu Zhengxin arranged.
Radio Boys Cronies
Who has been their customer, then? Was it merely a coincidence Lu Kun was decided on because the manager for the task?

“I managed, but wait, how did you know my grandfather isn’t my grandfather’s biological child?” Lu Zhengxin been curious about.
Translator: Exodus Stories Editor: Exodus Stories
Having six palms might simply be a coincidence, but what about the our blood samples? How could their bloodstream examples go with so perfectly?
“Lu Zhengxin idea he mistook uncle for one more man… but he was using a online video call with his mum. His mommy also reported she observed Lu Kun jogging into the home,” Lu Qingyao proved.
Mo Enthusiast and Lingling immediately traded glances after ability to hear the identify.
“I do, so how did you know my grandfather isn’t my grandfather’s biological kid?” Lu Zhengxin pondered.
our little hindu cousin of long ago
Mo Enthusiast was astounded though he already had a feeling over it.
The entire world was packed with wonders.
Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Stories
“The Prison Hill has to be holding some mystery,” Mo Fanatic agreed.
Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated In Another World
The area was stuffed with loathe it was a wonderful location for a red-colored demon!
“You two should take action common so Lu Kun doesn’t recognize nearly anything. No, put it off, you must consist of me.. Lu Kun appears to have some strange capability to anticipate factors!” Mo Fanatic recalled how Lu Kun got interfered in reference to his top secret meeting with Mochizuki Chihaya.
The Prison Mountain… Wasn’t that very much like Eastern Guardian Tower in j.a.pan? If Lu Kun was coping with it…
when did the old west take place
Mo Fanatic and Lingling immediately traded glances after seeing and hearing the name.
“Let’s not warn Lu Kun 1st. I am going to accumulate info about the work opportunities my father does and determine if any of them ended up relevant to the Prison Mountain peak,” Lingling stated.
Who had been their client, then? Was it just a coincidence Lu Kun was decided on when the supervisor for the position?
“It’s just what we thought…”
Mo Lover was astounded although he already possessed a feeling over it.
“Let’s not alert Lu Kun first. I will get info on the careers my father have and see if any of them had been in connection with the Prison Mountain / hill,” Lingling explained.
“My grandfather is responsible for the Magical City’s safeness. My granddad is handling the Prison Hill that is one of the Enforcement Union. Just one night, Lu Zhengxin produced a miscalculation, so my grandpa directed him on the Prison Mountain to perform to be a prison safeguard for 3 many weeks as consequence,” Lu Qingyao stated.

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